The Flutes


The tuneable hardwood head is combined with an aluminium body to give all the advantages of more expensive wooden flutes, but at a much more affordable price.  A great choice as a starter flute, or as a keyless flute to have in your gig bag. 

The wooden head on the Silverwood flute has exactly the same embouchure hole as on the Rudall Rose flutes made by Tony Millyard and Sophie Matthews. It is crafted with the same care and precision so as to give the player the same feel of playing a much more expensive flute. 


The aluminium body has a couple of great advantages.  It is of course very robust and has a nice bright tone, but since it is of a smaller diameter than a wooden flute, the finger holes are much more easily reached by players with smaller hands.  The finger holes are also set out on the flute with smaller hands in mind. 


The fingering used to play the flute is also exactly the same as on the Millyard/Matthews flutes – so if you ever wish to move to playing a fully wooden flute, there will be no need to learn a new set of fingerings for any of the notes.  In addition to this, the Silverwood flute works all the way to the top A note in the third register, giving the full two and a half octaves you would find on a traditional wooden flute. 


The flute comes with a simple bag and a tube of grease to keep the joint between the head and body lubricated.  

To download the fingering chart for the Silverwood flute, please click the link below.